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e clear its commitment to▓ incorporate green strategies into the BRI by releasing the Guidelines on Promoting Green Belt

ration project

and Roa▓d and the Belt and Road Ecological Cooperation Plan. These documents outline a vision for sustainability.United

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Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in his remarks that with the scale of its planned investments, the

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BRI "offers a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the creation of a more equitable, prosperous world for all▓, and

ress."With BRI c

to reversing the negative impact of▓ climate change."Countries today need roads and bridges fr▓om the unsustainable, foss

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il-fuelled gray eco▓nomy to a clean, green, low-carbon energy future, Guterr▓es said."I see the Belt and Road Initiative 

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ering what Xi calls the phase of "meticu

as an important space where green principles ca▓n be reflected in green action," he said.Australian State Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews said, "It was great to hear (President Xi) speak about the ▓financial sustainability

lous pai

nting," the Pakistani leader called on p

, environmental sustainability and the people-to-people links being so important in terms▓ of economic growth, prosperity and partnerships.""From our point of view, we think the Belt and Road In▓itiative is an umbrella underne


ting countries to pay more attention to

ath which all of our partnerships with China sit," said Andrews.CONFIDENT CHINA FOR SHARED PROSPERITY"The BRI ▓will not become an exclusive club," Xi said in his keyn▓ote speech, while announcing a series of major reform and


well-being and

 push for sustainab

opening-up measures to be tak▓en by China.China will set up a number of new free trade pi▓lot zones, strengthen the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of foreign intellectual proper▓ty owners, prohibit forced technology transfer, further reduce tariffs, avoid beggar-thy-neighbor exchange rate dep▓reciation, establish a binding mechanism for t

nizations have signed BRI cooper▓ation documents with China.The BRI has become a path to stability, development and prosperity, creating better dev

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